Thursday, November 20, 2008

Singer CG-590

Image by Singer

I'm thinking about upgrading my sewing machine.

I have a very nice Simplicity SA2200 Creative Spirit Plus 45-Stitch which I bought a few years ago. It has a nice heavy metal frame (more important than you know to avoid a skittering machine when sewing) and all the stitches you really need, including a buttonhole function.

But I have my eye on the beauty pictured: Singer's CG-590. It is touted as a commercial grade machine although reviews I have read are chalking this up to marketing rather than fact. A few things about it appeal to me. It seems to be a bit more "mechanical" and by that I mean you can fuss abit more with things like needle position. Also, someone, whose designs and workmanship I really admire, uses one. Barring user error, it can only be a good thing to emulate her choice ... or so I am rationalizing it. And, I really dig its no nonsense machine aesthetic. No curvy, white plastic here!

This is going to require a blitz of financing though (i.e., knitting)!

UPDATE: I love it. It runs much more smoothly than the last one I had and has just enough adjustment and stitch variety.
I've been doing loads of machine appliqué with it and some sewing for Baby. I am very happy with it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dollhouses: Poppenhuis

I like to knit for dolls and dolls live in dollhouses, so I guess that this virtual one has a place in this blog. Check out the interactive Dutch Doll house on the National Gallery of Art's site for kids. Yeah, it's marketed for kids but everyone knows that dollhouses started out as pastimes for adults. So enjoy it righteously!

You can decorate and populate the house's 17th century Dutch interiors, moving things around, customizing, adjusting the lighting. And be sure to check every doorway. Click on the brick façade to enter and get started exploring the house and courtyard.

You will need Shockwave, to interact with it it but without, you can still admire the graphics.

Poppenhuis at the NGA