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To Read A.S.A.P.
Fresh - pretty food with recipes!

Link lists to visit and edit later:
Mini Mansion's

You Grow Girl - Thank God for Gayla Trail

Miniature Decor
L. Delaney - clutter up your house in style and in scale.
Literature in Miniature- not just books but miniature, ahem, literature (check out The Origin of Species & Mrs Beeton's Household Management)
Kiva Ford - handblown glass
Timber Ridge Studio - tiny shells, jars, jugs, ktl.
Miniature Bookshelf - miniature books

Miniature Furniture
Kent's Minis - for the kitchen & laundry
Kenneth9134.2007 -

Miniature Inspiration
Otterine - exquisite execution; see also under "Construction!"
Little Tiny Things Tumblr
Eloise Moorehead - fun with flair ... and with a wide ranging eye.

Miniature Construction
Otterine - a great deal of advice in text and photos, emphasis on finishing.
One Twelfth Scale Miniatures - this guy is really thinking otb on how a dollhouse could be built!
Shoji Screens at Onshore

Miniature Consolidator
Old World Tile - pricey tile sheets; reviewed by Otterine
Cement Block Guy - CMU's
Manchester Woodworks - wood trim and architectural elements
Sussex Crafts - hardware fittings, ktl.

Minature Structures
Majestic Mansions - many side-access styles

Miniature Wallcoverings:

Itsy Bitsy Minis - they have murals!
The Paper Studio - Turquoise Gothic Stripe was used to great effect by Otterine; available at Crafts, Etc.
Forest walls at Cole & Sons ... also available à la Suspiria in a pink/gold colourway.

Sewing Patterns
Made By Rae - make the Charlie Tunic!
Magpie Patterns - nicely curated crochet, embroidery, knitting, and sewing patterns (The Little Ben Hat always gets compliments).