Saturday, December 31, 2011

Travel Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens - especially for Biggity

René Redzepi's Noma - excellent article on Noma at The New Yorker.

Gavin - children's clothing

Travel: Charleston

I don't really want to visit Charleston, per se. But I do want to visit Sean Brock's two restaurants, which happen to be there:

The reason being this excellent article about Sean Brock's cooking at The New Yorker (you may need a subscription to view this).

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lexicilogy: Flora

English-French-Latin names for flowers at Earthly Pursuits

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Books To Read

China Miéville's Embassytown - "read" it as an audiobook for reasons of the language

Why you should read it.

15.xii.11 UPDATE: Excellent read. The audio book does a great job of conveying Ariekei Language.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Party Planner

Just a list. Not necessarily in this combination.

Hallelujah! Party in a box:
Amanda Jane Jones's grown up versions of Party in a Box - courtesy of Oh Happy Day!
Acme Party Box Collection
Make it Mine Parties

All about (oversized) balloons at Design Mom
Dinosaurs at Wants & Wishes - active volcano cakes (recipe here!)

Zubbles - coloured bubbles
Origami lidded boxes by Dave Brill

Mini Frisbees
A message in a whiffle ball, perhaps?
Inflatable Beach Balls by Silke Stoddard over at the Crafts Department - perfect if the ball idée fixe sticks around.

Paper Airplane Garland at Armelle - I'd like to see a room-spanning garland like this!
Huge Balloons with streamers from Geronimo! - expensive
Felt Balls from YUMMI Shop - there must be a use for these!
Whiffle garland?
Re-nest's Newspaper Pom Poms
Jordan Ferney's Frilly Streamers at Oh Happy Day!
Origami Waterballs for a Garland at The Hurried Housewife
Tissue Pom Poms by Prost to the Host
DIY Tissue Pom Poms at Martha Stewart
Paper Lollies by Make and Takes
Tissue Paper Garland at Prudent Baby
Fabric Pennants at Form and Reform
Ruffled Streamers at My Paper Crane
Pennant Cupcake Toppers at Fog and Thistle

DIY Molded crayons and glitter crayons at Mini Eco
Chalkboards by Making It Lovely - she suggests them for New Year's Resolutions.
Molded Crayons from Lil Doodlers
DIY Scratchers at ArtMind - just remember: detergent + metallic paint!
DIY Animal Crackers and Bags at Celebrate Creativity
Superhero lollipops at Zakka Life.
Kick Balls!
Traditional Medallions by Twig & Thistle
Mod Medallions by Alissia Melka-Teichroew
Match Boxes at The Storque
Toys on top of cupcakes = Party favours and toppers
Clown noses
Top Hats
Martha's Bouncy Ball Party Favours

Black Dinah Chocolatiers Froglets
Molten Chocolate volcano cakes recipe at Wants and Wishes
Cupcake topper pennants like these at Oh Happy Day
Cupcakes in a Jar at Cakies - a bit mooshed looking ... hmmm. Might rethink the presentation (i.e., shorter jar, no layers?)
Cake Pops
Planetary Cake Pops by Paper, Plate, and Plane - Marbelizing Candy at Wilton.
Inarizushi at Ready-Made
Chirashi by Tea and Cookies
Red Velvet [Cup]Cakes

Poof Balls at Tops Malibu, courtesy of Oh Happy Day
Dinosaur Egg Hunt at Wants & Wishes - eat the "eggs" afterward!

Rabbit Mask

Balloons in boxes and out the window at On-Hand + Modern

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Crackers

Robin Reed - especially their Concerto Crackers!
Tom Smith
Roundup at The Independent - Smythson's sound nice
Wee Birdie's covetable roundup - with links to more!

Templates by Kate at Minni Eco (more great, and often kid-centric, Mini Eco tutorials here)