Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mega Ships

Image by Postlerferguson


Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Image by Z Gallerie

I have mixed feelings about hunting but there is no denying the appeal of the all white hunting trophies from Z Gallerie. The deer is pictured above but, being Canadian, I feel obligated to get the moose.
Perpetual Kid takes an interesting cardboard twist on these wall trophies.

16.ii.11 UPDATE: Wall Tentacle by Art Akimbo is fantastic! You might be at risk to lose an eye but, since it is cephalopodic, it is my favourite.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Running (Again)

From Beginning Runner's Handbook: The Proven 13-Week Walk Run Program, via See Girl Run.
Week Session Run/Walk Time
Week 1
Session 1 30s/4:30m x7, 35 minutes
Session 2 30s/4:30m x8, 40 minutes
Session 3 30s/4:30m x8, 40 minutes
Week 2
Session 4 1m/4m x9, 45 minutes
Session 5 1m/4m x8, 40 minutes
Session 6 1m/4m x8, 40 minutes
Week 3
Session 7 1:30/3:30 x 10 50 minutes
Session 8 1:30/3:30 x 8 40 minutes
Session 9 1:30/3:30 x 10 50 minutes
Week 4
Session 10 2/3 x 11 55 minutes
Session 11 2/3 x 9 45 minutes
Session 12 2/3 x 10 50 minutes
Week 5
Session 13 2:30/2:30 x 12 60 minutes
Session 14 2:30/2:30 x 10 50 minutes
Session 15 2:30/2:30 x 10 50 minutes
Week 6
Session 16 3/2 x 13 65 minutes
Session 17 3/2 x 10 50 minutes
Session 18 3/2 x 11 55 minutes
Week 7
Session 19 4/2 x 10 60 minutes
Session 20 4/2 x 9 54 minutes
Session 21 4/2 x 9 54 minutes
Week 8
Session 22 5/1 x 10 60 minutes
Session 23 5/1 x 8 48 minutes
Session 24 5/1 x 9 54 minutes
Week 9
Session 25 7/2 x 7 63 minutes
Session 26 7/2 x 6 54 minutes
Session 27 8/2 x 5 50 minutes
Week 10
Session 28 10/1 x 4 44 minutes
Session 29 20/1/20 41 minutes
Session 30 22/1 /22 45 minutes
Week 11
Session 31 25/1/25 51 minutes
Session 32 30/1/25 56 minutes
Session 33 40/1/10 51 minutes
Week 12
Session 34 45/1/20 66 minutes
Session 35 50/1/15 66 minutes
Session 36 45 45 minutes
Week 13
Session 37 50 50 minutes
Session 38 40 40 minutes
Session 39 60 or 10K 60 minutes

An important note from G. Donnald, a reviewer at Amazon:

Just a note to those that are interested in buying this book. The 13-week run/walk program was completely revised between the 2001 and 2005 editions of the book. The 2001 edition is a much gentler approach, while the 2005 edition assumes that you have a certain level of fitness. Just to illustrate: the very first session of the first week of the 13 week program in the 2005 edition calls for "run 1 minute, walk 2 minutes; do this 12 times" (the 9th time just about killed me), whereas the 2001 edition of the book starts with "run 30 seconds, walk 4 minutes 30 seconds; do this 7 times". So if you're more fit you may be happy with the 2005 edition, otherwise try to find the 2001 or 1999 editions of the book. Otherwise, I liked the book a lot.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Big Boy Room: Nook

Image by Mademoiselle Astuce

This photo of a very beautiful nursery at Mademoiselle Astuce has me rethinking some of the space planning of the Big Boy Room. Can I find a little nook somewhere for a chalkboard?
Ironically we have something just like this between the end of the sofa and the occasional table with a mirror at its end instead of a chalkboard. Big Boy loves it!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Big Boy Room: Wall Hook(s)

Image by Playsam

Check out this amazing wall hook that would totally make Sam's Big Boy Room.
Sam received one of Playsam's lovely cars from his godfather for Christmas. The quality of their toys is amazing.
I am also drooling over the curves on their dollhouse by Eva Schildt.

Plus and Minus

Image by DWR

bruno munari intriguing game from the 70's.
DWR is sold out.
Unica Home is so expensive.
I must find this somewhere!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Andrew Zuckerman

Images by Andrew Zuckerman

Just as soon as Baby graduates from board books ...

CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe “Manuheali’i Paradise Girl

Image by CWC

CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe “Manuheali’i Paradise Girl”
Aloha, I'm Paradise Girl!
Welcome to my world of warm sunny weather, cool ocean breezes and fabulous Hawaiian style.
As a graduate student at the University of Hawai’i in Ocean Engineering, I hope to develop wave power as an alternate energy and someday help island communities.
I want to make my family and friends proud.
I love dancing hula, especially ‘auana, and my newest hobby is stand up paddle boarding at Kailua beach, where I can really get up close to all the treasures of the sea.
After my activities, I absolutely adore shopping at Manuheali’i.
I can get chic styles in bold graphics, and the colors are so yummy.
I can’t wait to show the new outfit I got to my hula sisters!
The Coral Reef design is so contemporary, and we all know how I love the ocean.
The Ki nehe design on my ‘anuhea top is so cute and special.
Sometimes I shop online at!
Hope to meet you someday in paradise, a hui hou!

Pretty expensive.
Pretty limited (only 300!).
Available at Junie Moon.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Image by Dirt Devil

I keep coming back to this as a nifty thing to have on hand.
Note the tags for this post.

UPDATE: Reviewers state that this lasts all of a few seconds and sucks poorly too.

Deor: Big Boy Room

Image by Marimekko

As much as I love KANTELEEN KUTSU the room will probably follow the nautical theme that was suggested by Daddy-o the other day. I am excited to make some nautical flags but need to decide on their size and format (i.e., stiff, decals, flags).
The latest score was sourcing portholes that are not real portholes (too heavy to mount) and do not cost hundreds of dollars.

Nautical Theme
Nautical Flags (Daddy's clever idea), available smaller than standard here
Porthole Picture Frames in Polystone at Wayzata or with a mirror at Pelican Bay
Or Holli Zollinger's Waves fabric at Spoonflower
Magic Lantern with underwater theme.
¿Wall Hooks?
Black Out Blind in sky blue
¿Storage Bins? to fill 78"Lx17"Dx15"H
Three of these (in red and blue) hoseable ones at Land of Nod
Striped ones at Restoration Hardware
The grommet on these makes them perfect but they seem too small, Land of Nod
And J.J. Cole has these with oval grommets but not such nice colours
Five or six of these (which strikes me as too jumble-y) also at Land of Nod
Walmart has these in nice colours.
The Container Store has dairy crates in great colours.
New cupboard in white with custom pulls from PBK or this zooty one from True Modern. 09/28/10 UPDATE: We went with the zooty one. Buy Locally! Hahah.

Wall Candy Decals


I have always loved the J. Schatz Star Egg Lamp in Dark Tidepool


Monday, September 6, 2010


Martha Stewart says so