Tuesday, June 1, 2010

See You at the Sand

Scene from "Five Brothers", The Unit

I love this scene.
The dialogue is so testosterone-y. It makes me laugh even though the boys are in such dire straits.

Jonas: A'right. Ten long blocks to the beach. No stoppin.' You ready?
Beaten Man: *nods*
Mack: Hell yeah.
Bob: Cakewalk time.
Jonas: He good?
Hector: He loves the beach.
*Hector checks Charles's pulse*
Jonas: Hmph.
Charles: Groan.
Mack: I've got the *mumble, mumble*
Jonas [to beaten man]: We're gettin' you home.
*Jonas walks to doors, turns.*
Jonas: See you at the sand ... in three, two ... *bursts through doors*
*The team enters the alley. Jonas pulls up short.*
*Soldiers pur out of a truck at the end of the alley.*
Jonas: Well, ain't that a sight.
Unknown offscreen voice: Who are they?
Jonas: That is the Unted States Marines!
*The team runs to the truck."

Watch it here: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=1PQ7IQYJ
(Jump to 41:41)

It reminds me of another favourite:
John Connor in Terminator Salvation screaming,"If we stay the course, we're dead, we're all dead!"

Aw, c'mon, John. Relax.

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