Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dollhouses: Prêt-a-Porter

Casas de Beltrán - Spanich architecture, refreshingly different from the usual crop

Image by Upon a Fold

A less practical dollhouse but very pretty in all its pristine paper whiteness.

Maileg Mouse Milk Carton House

More Paper:
cardboard dollhouse.

Joe Freedman's
beautiful but 1/2" scale paper dollhouse.


Image by Playsam

Check out the curves on this beauty by Eva Schildt, available from Playsam.
Image by David Lee Design

This is an intriguing design from David Lee Design. Be sure to visit his site for more pictures of it unfolded. It should be available in October. I am waiting to hear back how much it will cost. I am a bit worried about its scale. It seems a bit small for 1:12.
17.xi.10 UPDATE: I read somewhere that this is not 1:12. What a dreadful shame! I believe it is 1:18 or something along those lines.

Image by Our Children's Gorilla

Nice geometry here with punchy colours.
Available from Our Children's Gorilla and other retailers.


Image by Chen Karlsson

And if you do not have room for a dollhouse, not even a roombox, you can shell out for this clever display.

Betsy McCall Dollhouse No. 150W

Online subscription based Digital Dollhouse.

Heather Benning's
giant dollhouse installation.

And I must not forget I still have this hiding on top of the refrigerator. Tsk, tsk.

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