Friday, May 20, 2011

Photography: Straps

Yes. Seeing as I am still in a dither over a camera bag, I need something else to obsess about for the new camera.

I have been using the in-the-box strap with a PhotoJoJo Strap Buddy. It lets the lens hang down at the hip in a slightly less touristy way than the usual belly-forward position. I am always tightening its screwed in connection at the tripod hole. It can work itself loose over time (shudder).

Does it need a less sticky (er, non-slip) strap, like one of these beauties from Capturing Couture?

Or is a wrist strap more in order?

SnapR's RS-7 has neat features but the pad on the strap sets my aesthetic teeth on edge.

This DIY Quick-Draw version, the R-Strap, of the RS-7 might be a workaround.

PhotoJoJo Strap Buddy.
Capturing Couture Boho COllection wrist strap
Capturing Couture Boho strap
SnapR RS-7

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