Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dollhouse: NYT Article with Sources

This New York Times article comes courtesy of a good friend in, suitably, NYC.
J. Courtney Sullivan's list of favourite online miniature sources form the article:

Boston Miniatures - apparently her go-to site.
Kent's Minis - especially for the laundry.
Amazing Miniatures - also a very good blogger.
Literature in Miniature - The Origin of Species or Mrs Beeton's Household Management is just what I need.
Tree Feathers - a miniature house of cards!
Pepperwood Miniatures - they do Tiffany lamps!
L. Delaney - clutter up your house in style and in scale.


  1. Yow! I was soooooo surprised to see my shop linked there...

    Crazy! (still shocked, actually..)

    Thanks for spreading the world!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. You're welcome.
    And I love following your blog ... especially the recent posts on the nitty gritty of pricing and prototyping.