Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Reason I Can't Wait to Return to Cape Town

what is your idea of a perfect day in cape town?
this is such a difficult question to answer, because, while i don’t mean to be smug, cape town really is the perfect city, so you’d need days and days to do everything there is to do! for me though, i’d love to wake up and do a yoga class, then meet my husband paul at lola’s on long street for a big eggy brunch and lots of coffee. a perfect day should include a nap at some point, but i’m not sure where i’ll squeeze that in, because i’d like to go walking on noordhoek beach while horses gallop by, have an icy swim at camps bay and do some drowsy beautiful-people-watching, i’d need to get to milnerton market, my favourite spot for vintage bargain hunting, or maybe i’d have better luck scouring the bric-a-brac on kalk bay’s main road. the evening would have to be outdoors, as the weather would be balmy and windless. so maybe we’d break the rules (unlikely – i’m a line-toer of note) and make a big bonfire on clifton beach, watching the sun go down behind the yachts while sipping a glass of bubbly. wow, i got a bit carried away there. life’s generally not quite so glam, but it’s a perfectly achievable day in this beautiful city of ours.

From an Interview with Heather Moore at SFBayGirl

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