Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Boy Room Update

We are still setting up The Big Boy Room.

The outstanding items seem to be toy storage and closet door treatments. Our current "deluxe" storage system, which uses a combination of old shipping boxes and some of my knitting baskets, cannot continue! I am all but sold on the baskets pictured above from Land of Nod. They are not quite as cheap as I wish they were but they seem super durable and are just the size needed.

I am still haunting Spoonflower to find something suitable to starch to the closet door. Here are the latest candidates:
Nautical Birds On A Wire by ttoz
And then there is still Marimekko's SATEENKAARI

Here is what we do have:
True Modern low dresser.
Room and Board crib/toddler bed.
Sea Gift's Signal Flags bunting.
Port hole picture Frames at Pelican Bay.
Magic Lantern with underwater theme.
Smith & Noble Black out blind in Sky Blue.

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