Thursday, October 28, 2010

Scooters, Trikes ... Wheels!


At first glance, Wishbone Design's vehicles seem a little too "cross country" or SUV.
But I love their capable aesthetic and their Transformers gimmick is great: buy it as a tricycle for your toddler; later flip the frame, convert it to a two-wheel "balance bike" and, ultimately convert it to the "running bike" configuration. Now. what does that entail? A running toddler? Or is that me running after him? Regardless, what a clever tranformational design.
Until further notice, this is my first pick for a scooter thingamajig.

ANother interesting model is the Y-Bike from South Africa ... but also available at Amazon.

Skuut is the offering from the Netherlands ... once again available at Amazon.

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