Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Big Boy Room: Wall Art WIP

Banquet, an, ahem, Canadian company, has some very sharp looking marine wall art. Check out their SOME SEA ANIMALS OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST poster.

The perfect image but which seems to be available in only less than perfect sizes. 21.5" x 29.5"? That is about as useful as a cocktail napkin!

Barring a miracle and finding that one larger, this is my current front runner: a map of ocean currents. But we need to find a reproduction!

A pilot map is an interesting idea. Now to find one with graphic omph.

In a similar vein, maps of the ocean floor are interesting. A nice but expensive one here.

Dad had National Geographic's star chart when growing up. This Celestial Planisphere Chart seems similar but better composed.

There are some very beautiful reproductions of maps from the 18th century and earlier. I suppose they pose a danger of messing up Big Boy's understanding of world geography.

Vintage Denoyer Geppert school maps seem to be rearing their pretty head in design print and blogs lately. The colours are beautiful but the prices not so much. This one's palette reminds me of them.

Oh, yes.
This is all in service to The Big Boy Room.

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