Sunday, November 21, 2010

Advent Calendars

Image from Garnet Hill

With Advent almost upon us (28th November this year), a calendar was needed for Big Boy. We chose the pictured one, available from Garnet Hill. I like the modular look of it and the fact that it is reuseable. Garnet Hill also provides the goodies to go inside. Some of them look really cute but we might have edit a few of the smaller ones until Big Boy gets through his "pop it in the mouth" phase.

I have an idea for a bowl of bags (two of Big Boys three favourite words) advent calendar using something like these.

Other ideas can be found here:

The Lundby Advent Calendar, of course! Whether you have a Lundby house or not!

What David Digs has a very thorough list of good looking, three dimensional calendars. I especially like the Lego option.

Skip to My Lou
has a nice round up with a few familiar faces.

And Babble has a big roundup that I am only part way through.

UPDATE: The Garnet Hill calendar was a huge disappointment. It was poorly constructed with misaligned pieces and wrinkling and blistering of the paper graphics. It was such a lovely design and I feel really sad about it. I hope that they release it again but better executed. Wood would be nice but similar paper-covered card done carefully would be okay.

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