Sunday, December 12, 2010

Play Mat/Bag

My first friend, Trevor, had a fabulous drawstring bag for his sizable collection of Lego. It opened flat, which meant that you could easily pile and bag the Lego when you were done.
You can buy versions of it online but it probably would not be too difficult to make.

GoGo & Co.'s GoGo Sac.


  1. We are using 3 GoGoSac's and love them, they are that cheap why bother trying to make them.

    They are made of heavy canvas so great and durable.

    I'd reccomend them and the postage was super fast.

  2. I really like the construction details of the GoGoSacs. And, you are correct, the price is very good.

    It is that crazy shipping that makes me pause and clutch my chest. But I may succumb yet.

    Thanks for the recommendation. It's good to know that they are as good as they appear to be.