Sunday, December 5, 2010

Xmas Tree

DH said that we should have a tree for the Big Boy this year.
I don't really like the bother of a tree but I could see his point. Fortunately, real trees are both a fire hazard and a choking hazard (i.e., the fallen needles) and he approved the purchase of an artificial tree.

Having no clue where to buy one, I looked to someone whose artificial tree I admire: Nicole Balch of Making it Lovely. Hers is artificial and pink! And she even has a bird perched on hers, which reminds me of my Mother's somewhat menacing little clip-on birds on our childhood trees. Unfortunately, as much as I might admire coloured trees and those aluminium trees of yesteryear, approval was for a green tree.

Another tree, I recalled fondly was the one our fabuluxe mentor decorated during my time in Singapore. Her theme was a loose interpretation of the palette of the costume of buddhist monks: burnt orange and purple balls, with some cinnamon-coloured paper icicles. It was gorgeous! I can imagine some orange pomander balls fitting into this really well too, creating a strange synthesis. Here is a first pass.

I have not decided on whether to use the burgundy balls or not. It is more accurate but my fond recollection of Mary's tree does not include it.

All the ornaments have to be shatterproof and too big to swallow. So far so, so good! I still need to find the right bird or birds. And as for a topper, well, I am not sure at all about that. And I have a vague notion involving a garland of coppery and purple paillettes but have not found one yet.
I think Big Boy will like all of the balls. I know he likes the ones on the tree in the lobby and on the ones around town.

One other critical step was settling on the correct height: not too big as to make storage a nightmare but still big enough to impress Big Boy. Hence this diagram was generated early on:

Treetopia for the Bedford Falls Fir
Amazon for the shatterproof ball ornaments
Amazon for a DIY garland

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