Monday, February 14, 2011

Re-ment Hack: DIY Baking Secret Set

Re-ment DIY Baking has a lovely secret set with an iced bundt cake and an even lovelier bundt cake mold. But I could never bring myself to get it because of its dang, ghostly floating pitcher.

Enter Dorothy Alice and her enabling suggestion to hack the set and get rid of the stream of icing.

The stream of icing is connected to the pitcher and plugs into a hole in the bundt's icing. The icing on the cake is raised around this hole like an escutcheon. Removing the connection would involve both infilling and carving.

I first filled it with white glue which was working just okay. The challenge was that, as it dried, the glue would shrink, causing a dimpling at the hole. Over time, with more glue, this lessened. When the glue was smooth on top and dry, I decided to do a little sanding to smooth the edge and shape the infill a bit. The horrifying result was that the glue plug popped out immediately!

Ruling out glue as a filler, I decided to jump right to the acrylic paint. Since the opening is so small, it actually worked well as a filler, requiring fewer treatments to fill the hole. It even took well to sanding without any weakening of the bond.

A few coats of paint and a final application of a satin sealer finished the hack. And I had a lovely bundt cake sans ghostly pitcher at last.

Next up could be the bundt cake in set #8 of Grandma's European Dinners.


  1. I do love the re-ment goodies, but do rather dislike some of the little holes, gaps, and imperfections. This is a great little hack!

  2. Hullo, Ann.
    Glad you found it useful.
    I agree: sometimes Re-ment is just not quite what you hope. I am getting bolder and bolder about customizing it. First painting and now this!
    Are you planning to hack some yourself now?