Saturday, January 8, 2011

Grub: Cabbage Rolls

Smitten Kitchen's recipe but with some adjustments:
• replaced 50% of beef with pork (but I might try 100% beef next time since everyone was so pleased)
• added ~ 2 cloves minced garlic to pan prior to onion, sautéed it just till fragrant (I cannot not put some garlic in a recipe)
• used an off the shelf marinara sauce

DH ate three, Big Boy ate a half, slurping the cabbage separately by the fistfuls, and I loved them. In the past, when I have made cabbage rolls, I always asked myself why I bothered since they always seemed so bland. Not this time! And I revisited her post and started to read the comments. Now I am thinking things like, "Sauerkraut! Pickled cabbage! Ham hocks!" Oy. For once, I cannot wait to try making cabbage rolls again.

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