Monday, January 10, 2011

Theme & Variations: Windsor Chairs

Image by Tapiovaara

I saw this post recently at Shelterrific. It reminded me of how much I like Windsor Chairs and how much (more) my DH likes them.

Shelterrific's alerted us to West Elm's latest offering: the Modern Windsor Accent Chair. For some reason the pairing of "Windsor Chair" and "Accent" makes me snicker. I guess I have always thought of a Windsor Chair as a Windsor Chair. Amen. I like the look of the thing but I would like to see a photo of someone sitting in it. I looks very low in the back ... is it only for perching at the front or for doing back bends? I need photographic, ergonomic reassurance.

Leave it to Shelterrific to have another hearty collection of modern Windsors. I think I am more of a traditionalist than I care to admit, when it comes to windsor chairs. Only the George Ainley version seems compelling.

Another frequent stop on my blogger reading list is Nicole Balch's Making It Lovely. I am not daring enough to match her use of pink but I admire her ability to find a wide assortment of stylish items to feature on her lists and in her collages. See here her post on windsor or windsor-like chairs and her discovery of a lovely interpretation by Tapiovaara Design: the Mademoiselle Chair.

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