Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Photography: Tara Gorman

Image by Tara Gorman

Miniatures + humour + mad photography skills.
I have always loved Tara Gorman's (a.k.a., Diastema) images.
You can buy some of them at Imagekind. I wish you could buy more!

Some Candidate Images:
o - orange octopus, green olives on blue ... and a favourite
Untitled - green seahorse candy on green
Untitled - lobsters and shells
Untitled - colourful tentacles
Adaptation - octopus, man, on blue
Untitled - red fish on a hook, on blue and green
Untitled - tentacles and EIGHT

28.i.11 UPDATE: Tara Gorman responded to my inquiry about her work; she plans to update her offerings on Imagekind. How exciting!

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