Friday, October 14, 2011

Dollhouse: Inspiration

Image from The NY Times Magazine

Enfilade - but at a Gustavian scale not a Baroque scale
Eloise Moorehead's renovation of her childhood dollhouse - but also anything else she has to say on the subject of dollhouses.
Now I know what to do with that small, white, glass Red Rose rabbit that has been rattling around my kitchen.

Diary of a Dollhouse
Lucy May Schofield's Dolls House
Lonny's 2010 1 Week Challenge Dollhouse from Curbed.
Mousehouse's bright and pretty, but still modern, playline renovation.
Michael Williams's Johnathan Adler-esque Barbie House - this one is actually a set of dioramas but is has a great, bold sense of colour and pattern.


Secret Rooms - Meghan Boody’s at The NY Times Magazine (courtesy of Eloise Moorehead) - The Secret Playroom reminds me of my less tricked-out cupboard childhood lair

Phases of the moon like those by Bartsch
Cole & Sons Woods wallpaper - ominous
Cole & Sons Woodstock wallpaper - à la Suspiria

A ribbon for a runner like at Making It Lovely

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