Monday, March 21, 2011

Photography: Camera Bag

I am looking for a camera bag or case/cover that, while it can look like a camera bag, should not be as bulky as a camera bag.

Zing Wraparound Covers - somewhat Mapplethorpe-like; apparently the standard size would fit a Canon EOS T2i. You can find them at Amazon.

Luxirare's one of a kind for Nikon D90.
Stash on Etsy.
The Cloak
- Luxirare wannabe
Acme made
Kelly Moore

Jo-Totes - "camera bags for ladies."
Emera camera totes
Kettie - handbags for cameras
Photojojo's Sloop
Porteen on Etsy
Golla Bags - Sky looks comact but may be too compact.

DIY Camera Bag/Purse Tutorial at Tater Tots & Jello.

Inserts seem like a good, flexible route to take. Protect your camera in a wrap or pouch within a bag of your choosing. There do not seem to be many out there but I love the concept and this might be something to DIY.

I have a Bento Bag by Zakka Nouveau on its way - it might fit the bill
Strawfoot Handmade - very attractive rustic aesthetic
Ona's nice looking The Roma (Reviewed by Tech Mom).
Clik Elite CE510RE Capsule, Small (in red!) gets good reviews at Amazon.
So does Camaroo's Compact II DSLR Camera Insert.
Camera Cosies by Seaming Siobhan.
Wrappers and Cubbies by HippyBabe on Etsy.

DIY insert by Lil Blue Boo.
No tutorial but good girly inspiration at Trang Dam Photography.

Half cases by Luigi at Leica Time may not offer the same protection but, dang, they look great.

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