Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photography: Bag/Insert

I have been trying to find either a camera bag or case or insert for my new camera. I already haul around a big purse so I was leaning less and less towards a dedicated camera bag.

I stumbled upon Zakka Nouveau recently and was struck by her beautiful bento bags. She designed them for a friend to carry snacks. I ordered one almost immediately. It was a beat later that I wondered if it could serve as a camera insert.

The bag arrived yesterday and it seems promising. The little handle allows you to fish the camera out of your bag. It is a little bit snug to maneuver the camera in and out of the bag. And the camera might benefit from a bit more padding such as a layer of batting. But I am eager to give it a try. In any case, it will protect the camera screen from scratches (e.g., from keys, knitting needles, Blythe's head, Diet Coke can, ktl., ktl.).

And it is very, very cute!

Zakka Nouveau Bento Bags

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