Sunday, March 6, 2011

Decor: Cable Management

Cable management (along with toy, paper, book, clutter, laundry, wmd, and craft "shite," er, materials) are this weekend's project. Unfortunately, this was a weekend of discovery rather than resolution. The good news is that I know what is needed. The bad news is that it is still on its way and will also need installing!.

We have, from Belkin, this cable management grip. I almost always admire Belkin's solutions. What I especially like about this one is its multidirectional design. Yes, other companies are doing similar pincer gadgets but this is the first one I saw that addressed the need for cables running in two directions! Regardless, I may yet try out Blue Lounge's undeniably, more stylish option.

Blue Lounge's Cable Drop

04.viii.11 UPDATE:

I tried both and found the Belkin to be a bit to big for my needs. It might work better in a more traditional cable explosion at a workstation. The Blue Lounge Cable Drops were perfect forever for my use, very discrete but cute, if spied inadvertantly. I am using them all over the house to wrangle laptop and printer cords behind furniture. Our house is mostly wireless but sometimes I need to jack into my tempermental printer and scanner and charging is alays necessary.

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