Friday, March 25, 2011

Art: Crafterall

Image by Marnie B. Karger

Marnie B. Karger is Crafterall and makes the most mesmerizing papercut, topographical maps. I had admired her work on Etsy for a long time, even "favouriting" her shop ages ago. So I don't now how I overlooked the gorgeous papercut maps to be found in her shop.

Fortunately, my coworker bought one of San Francisco Bay and shared it with us at the office. It is stunning: the detail, the handcrafting of it, and the colours! And who doesn't enjoy cartography on some level?

I am buying this for Big Boy's room. He was born in San Francisco. I think it has heirloom potential.

UPDATE: It's actually "bathymetry," not topography or cartography, apparently. What a great word: Bathymetry! Bathymetry!
Adding it to the list ...

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